Message from the CEO

“Trust The Leader“

Especially over the past  years the concern for securıty  has reached global proportions and become a main focus of our daily life.As a result of the  effects of terrorism, increased rates of local crimes and devastation caused by natural disasters, the issue of  “ security “ has become an inevitable and vital “ need “. The satisfaction of this requirement is possible only with well organized and extremely sufficient institutions having strong infrastructure and with well educated self-sacrificed employees experienced in their field of business.

The corporations in the Pritave Security Industry carrying out business for these purposes are charged with important duties. The goal before the Private Security Industry is to develop new services, solutions and products planned against the continuously varying specific security threats.                 

More and more institutions and companies increasingly observe and realize, through the qualified service received and savings made, the benefit of having outside  sources utilized for these types of essential services requiring extreme accuracy and experience for the purpose of getting focused on their core business and activities.

As a result of the increased importance gained by the concept of “security” and the growing rate of the utilized  sources in this field, the formation of a sector where thousands of humans will be employed and the appearance of major players who are experienced against all kinds of “security” threats within the sectoral structure on one hand and who are able to analize the market dynamics on the other hand seem to be inevitable. It will not take too  long till  the shares of these  companies having such structures  will be traded at the Stock Exchange.

As of the date of its establishment in 1994, SecurVerdi has the feature of being a creative power in the sector thanks to the services it has realized for the first time in Turkey as a pioneer and the succes obtained in the development of the same.

We are  proud of being the leader in a sector where the “security” is entrusted and where becoming “trustworthy” is credited. The proof of this success is the services we have been rendering throughout years for our local and foreign customers on 365 days and 24 hours basis throughout the country.

We invite you to participate in our customers who have made us the leader in the sector with their confidence in our company.


   Murat Verdi                       

Chairman of the Board of Directors


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